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Everything is currently 25-50% off. We have updated Factions perks on the Crusader rank and all of the ranks above it, including Battlemage, Evoker and Warlord. Some of the perks include new unraidable vaults, boosted mcmmo xp, and even permanent double vote keys.


Hello, and welcome to our store! We have been building a strong community since January of 2013. It all started from a small 10 slot Minecraft server we made with a few friends.. Little did we know it would turn into a great server that caters to players like us from all across the globe. However, running a server is a very time consuming hobby.. This shop makes it a lot easier for our staff members to dedicate all the time needed to make the community all it can be. Every purchase made here is not only beneficial to you, it helps the server as a whole!
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Have any questions about a purchase, or anything relating to our server? Contact us at the e-mail below!


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